If you’re seeking a roofing company in South Florida, contact Star Group Inc.Roofing Company in South Florida

We’ve specialize in roofing repair, replacement and installation in South Florida for over 50 years. Whether you’re needing a new roof or want to replace the current one, Star Group Inc will accommodate with excellence in service.

Star Group Inc. not only offers contractors with certifications, they carry a 5-star rating in all roofing services. Our leading group of experienced builders include roof replacement with tile, shingle or panel roofs in South Florida.

Besides providing stellar service and experienced roofing contractors, Star Group Inc. also offers financing solutions. With the help of YGrene and Renew Financial you can replace your roof with zero-down and no credit check through the help of PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) you no longer need to wait. Also, payments for this type of home improvement are low, and paid back through your property taxes. With all these benefits, it only makes sense to call Star Group Inc.

Regardless of financing, roofing companies in South Florida such as Star Group Inc., can help you save money with roof replacement. New installation for residential and commercial construction is also available. Saving money by replacing your roof includes saving energy consumption. Also, when you live in a place like South Florida, hurricanes and storms are inevitable where each day your roofing is in jeopardy. Contact the company with 50+ years serving all South Florida.

Whether you’re needing roofing repair or replacement, Star Group Inc is the best solution. The professionals at Star Group Inc. will give you peace of mind without the worry and tons of benefits. Even those with low to no credit can have home improvement without the stress. Contact the leading company who covers you and South Florida with affordable roofing solutions.