Roof Financing in Miami

Roofing repairs need immediate attention when living in Miami. The longer you wait, things like storms can create more havoc, making the damage worse. In addition, when you holes and broken roof tiles, you’ll find things like HVAC systems to be less efficient costing you more. The good news, Star Group Inc has found roof repair financing in Miami for residents helping expedite the process.

There are programs available for homeowners without taking out an extra line of credit. PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy is a South Florida program generating from state legislators and municipalities who provide funding. If you’re looking to get your roof repaired and need financing, PACE may be the way to qualify. To get pre-approval for roof financing in Miami refer to YGRENE or Renew Financial for loan options.

PACE Home Improvement

What is PACE? PACE is a home improvement or repair program ideal for roof financing in Miami. The program offers Debt of Property for the homeowner assisting with home repairs. Since its debt of property, there are no credit checks and no money down making roof repair affordable and accessible.

To qualify for the PACE program prior to getting your roof repaired, you should be aware you’ll pay back the cost of improvements over a course of 10-20 years. They include the payments with your property taxes, allowing more expendable cash to you.

PACE has many benefits for Miami homeowners. Some include encouraging energy efficiency; repairs are readily available for taking your entire paycheck. The interest rates are lower compared to other home loans or second mortgages making roof financing in Miami doable for anyone.

Another important aspect is to select a roof repair company such as Star Group Inc who offer a maintenance program and are certified to work under PACE guidelines for Miami residents.

With all the incentives, it only makes sense to apply for the help you need in repairing your roof for your Miami or South Florida home.

If you’re living in Miami-Dade or Broward county, you may be eligible for a professional roof replacement. Star Group Inc is a certified and licensed roofing contractor who also carries an A+ rating with BBB.

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