Annual Maintenance Plans

Roof systems, unlike other parts of a building, are vulnerable to various factors such as severe weathering, expansion, contraction, and human damage. It is not uncommon for leaks to develop shortly after the initial roof installation due to these factors, necessitating regular inspection and maintenance. Additionally, exposure to pollutants, strong winds, hail, and prolonged rainfall can further degrade the roof system.

To address these issues, building owners and property managers should establish a routine roof inspection and maintenance program.

The STAR Group Roofing Guarantee offers assistance to property managers and business owners in managing roof expenses and includes preventative maintenance to preserve and prolong the lifespan of your roofing system. We offer different coverage levels tailored to fit your budget. Ultimately, our Umbrella Guarantee provides complete assurance that roof problems are a thing of the past.

STAR Group Roofing’s “Guarantee” Program includes:

  • Ongoing repair of all leaks at no additional charge
  • Annual maintenance check-ups
  • Disposal of accumulated debris
  • Sealing and top-off of all pitch pans
  • Caulking, coating, and sealing of all flashing conditions.
  • Production of a comprehensive report, including before and after photos
  • Priority service for roof emergencies
  • Our objective is to ensure the optimal performance of your existing roof system by offering a maintenance program that reduces the costs associated with roof replacement. Our vigilant approach enables us to identify issues that could lead to prolonged saturation and subsequent damage to the roof system and structural components.
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