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Star Group Inc’s Roof financing in South Florida is a simple way to get your roof repaired. Star Group Inc. is a South Florida company with options for homeowners needing roof repair. Most times, you can get financing without upfront fees. Continue learning how you can save on home improvements, today.

Star Group Inc has been a leader in home repairs for over 50 years in South Florida. Because our company cares, we found solutions making roof financing for South Florida residents affordable. If you need help in funding your home improvement projects, we recommend applying for Ygrene or Renew Financial. Both companies are providers related to the Pace Program.

Roof Financing with Ygrene and Renew Financial

The PACE program helps save energy by providing solutions to home repairs. Damaged rooftops use more electricity and are less conservative. PACE makes home improvements like roof damage obtainable without a credit check and zero dollars down helping those in need. If you need roof financing in South Florida, and can’t afford high payments, this is the program for you.

Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE partners with the local government offering low payment financing. PACE financing includes zero money down and doesn’t check your credit. However, roof financing in South Florida is now easier than before letting homeowners pay their debts with their property taxes saving even more. Star Group Inc provides these solutions to be affordable for residents living in the area.

The financing companies we recommend are Renew Financial and Ygrene. Either of these financiers qualify you for payments lower than a cell phone bill. PACE offers interest rates lower than conventional home loans and payments up to 25-years. The best part, the PACE program is also a tax deduction saving you even more!

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