How Torsion Springs Counterbalance Your Garage Door

Garage doors are heavy and require a mechanism to assist in opening and closing the door. That is why your system needs torsion springs or extension springs for counterbalance. It’s important that you understand the function of springs, so you know what’s at stake if they break. The team here at Neighborhood Garage Door of Riverside has put together a quick explanation of what springs do.

Fundamental Operations of a Torsion Spring

Torsion springs produce the twisting force known as torque, which causes the drums to rotate. Once the force reaches the drums on either side of the door, it goes from a rotational force to a linear force. This motion creates tension on the cables that are attached to the edges of your garage door.

Torsion springs allow anyone to easily open a 150-pound door over their head without a problem. It also helps the garage door opener to pull and push the door during operation. The shaft, springs, and drum work together to create counterbalance on the heavy door, which is why it is easily lifted.

The Function of Garage Door Cables

Your door will have a cable attached to the bottom panel on both sides. The main purpose of the cables is to pull up the door. The cables are only attached to the bottom, not the rest of the panels. When the cables pull up, it causes all of the other sections to move along the tracks.

Lifting a 150 pounds of panels would take a lot of work. However, pushing them requires very little effort. That is another thing that helps your equipment lift easily.

How the Tracks Support the Door

The tracks also play a big role in the weight of the equipment. Once the cables start pulling upward, the panels start rolling onto the tracks. If we were to put a scale on the floor underneath the door, it would weigh 150 at ground level.

However, as the panels roll onto the horizontal tracks, that weight significantly decreases. If it is halfway open, the scale would register somewhere around 70 pounds. Once it is fully lifted onto the tracks, there isn’t any weight left resting on the cables.

The Danger of Breaking the Tension

Without the torque of the spring, the function of the rollers, and cables, it would be very hard to move this heavy equipment. So, imagine if the spring is broken and no tension has been created. That means you’re dealing with the full weight of the door during repairs. This is why we recommend that these types of repairs be left to professionals.

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